Do You Want to Offer an Online Driver Safety Course?

  • Every year, more people choose an online driver safety course over a traditional classroom.
  • Dozens of states accept online driver safety courses for ticket dismissal, point reduction and driver education.
  • Over 2.5 million people complete an online driver safety course each year.
  • The online driver safety industry generates hundreds of millions of dollars every year.
  • Whether you are a high school, driving school, traffic school, court, or private online business, you can leverage our industry contacts and experience to increase your market and revenues.

DS Marshall Consulting (“DSMC”) provides advisory and business services to assist government agencies and private businesses in the driver education and traffic school industries.


K-12 / Driving Schools

Find out how to offer state-approved online driver’s ed at your school.

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Court or Regulatory Agency

Find out how to integrate an online driver safety program in your state or jurisdiction.

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Online Business

Find out how to affiliate with an online driver safety provider and increase your revenues.

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With over 10 years of online driver safety course industry experience, our goal is to help our clients gain approvals in new markets, generate increased revenues through strategic partnerships and develop their own online driver education and traffic school programs.  We offer turnkey solutions that will allow you to partner with existing online driver safety providers, build your own program from the ground up and analyze new markets for expansion of your existing online driver safety course program.   If you are a driving or traffic school and are tired of losing money to the online competition, contact us for a no-obligation consultation to discuss your options. If you own a website and simply want to increase your monthly revenues, contact us for information about different affiliate opportunities within the industry and which states and programs offer the most bang for your buck. Whatever you need, DSMC has the tools and experience to help.

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